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Photo challenges 7 March

Cee’s FOTD. Here is my entry for today. The March lilies are endemic to the Western Cape in South Africa. They have a soft sweet fragrance. They only bloom during March and then vanish until next year. Here is my entry for Carol’s, Mama Cormier blog, Thursday Trios Challenge . I have this lovely bush outsideContinue reading “Photo challenges 7 March”

foto uit my album

Bloguitdaging: Kies ‘n foto uit jou album. Skryf die storie daaragter op jou blog en hierdie skakel in die artikel sodat ek daarvan weet.  https://christavanstaden.com/2021/02/22/bloguitdaging-foto-storie-1/ Of deel die skakel daarna in die kommentaar van hierdie artikel. Dit kan in Afrikaans of Engels of ‘n ander taal wees. Die fokus is op die storie en nie noodwendigContinue reading “foto uit my album”

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