Photo challenges 26 June

This is my entry for Hammad’s Weekend Sky Challenge This is my entry for Debbie’s Six Word Saturday Bee taking a sip of nectar. This is my entry for the Photographing Public Art Challenge #2. This my entry for City Sonnet’s, June Colors and Letters Challenge with the topic of very dark blue. This is my entry for Cee’s FOTD.Continue reading “Photo challenges 26 June”

Photo challenges 19 June

Hello all my friends. I have not been well psychologically since I’ve been diagnosed with Covid anxiety last year and it has since escalated. Luckily medication and sessions with a psychologist have put me on the road to health again. I’ve missed out on many interesting challenges, but here is my latest effort. My entryContinue reading “Photo challenges 19 June”

Poto challenges 18 May

To all: I really enjoy my photography. On Saturdays I spend a lot of time choosing photos, choosing the challenges to suit, editing, setting up a pleasing blog. thank you all for having a look and commenting. Here is my entry for  Brashley’s MWM & Cee’s CBWC: Buildings. the middle picture is also for citysonnet’s: may colourContinue reading “Poto challenges 18 May”

photo challenge 12 May

My entry for Cee’s FOTD. gloriously stately arum lilies. 3 in a row My entry for citysonnet’s challenge: colours and letters: start with the letter s strelitzia This is my entry for Catherine Arcolio: leaf and twig. This fynbosch plant is also indigenous to South Africa. The leaves at the top forms the “flower”. JustContinue reading “photo challenge 12 May”

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