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Photo challenge 7 April

Here is my entry for Marsha’s Wednesdays Writing/Photo Challenge #18.  I wrote in a previous blog about the strawberry farm outside Stellenbosch in South Africa. They initially build a few scarecrows to ward off the birds, but since then it has broadened out to a whole score of them. It has become a local attraction. CatherineContinue reading “Photo challenge 7 April”

photo challenge 25 March

Becky’s square challenge: up up and away. I found this innovative way of tagging plants in a nursery. Cee’s FOTD: Protea. Indigenous plants of the Western Cape South Africa. Some also found in Australia. And also for city sonnet’s colours and letters: pink (10 March) I woke up this morning to a flock of turtleContinue reading “photo challenge 25 March”

Photo challenge 14 March

Here is my entry for Nancy Merrill Photography’s, A Photo A Week Challenge with the topic of Take a New Photo. Cee’s FOTD: my entry Citysonnet with the letter w: water And also for Jeff’s water water everywhere and for Sunday Stills Challenge with the #Rain This week’s CFFC topic is hole or whole. Having a bad sence of direction,Continue reading “Photo challenge 14 March”