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my photos 16 May

L and I went for a walk in town. This single mushroom stood next to a grassy plant. I could not get underneath it myself to take a photo, so I just pushed my cellphone underneath, moved it around and clicked. The second shot is what I saw afterwards.

this beautiful stone hedge was just on the left side.

earlier on we passed this wild prickly pear with it’s gorgeous yellow flowers. The fruit apparently is not as edible as the cultured prickly pears.

Before I started photography, I never would have noticed this rusty old gate. Or rather, I would have seen it, but not thought about the visual possibilities.

So Marsha, WQWWC although it is not Wednesday, at the end, here is my quote about beauty:

Published by appeltjie

Ek is 'n mamma, 'n juffrou, 'n geliefde. Om woorde te gebruik om kreatief te wees, is 'n nuutjie. Maar wat 'n fees.

10 thoughts on “my photos 16 May

  1. Again, I apologize for missing this post. If you wouldn’t mind leaving a comment with a link to your post when you include a pingback, I will not miss it. For some reason, pingbacks are not always reliable. We have plenty of prickly pear cacti here in Arizona. Their flowers are beautiful and apparently the fruit is very tasty. I haven’t tried them yet. You are a creative and persistent photographer. I have never put my cell phone under a mushroom. You got a great picture by doing so. 🙂


    1. I will add a comment next time. The fruit of the commercial prickly pears taste wonderful. I grew up with prickly pears(with bad memories of very fine thorns invisibly stuck in your fingers). Thank you for your complinents.

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      1. The thorns are what scare me a bit. I have to admit. We saw a t-shirt with the phrase, “You’re in AZ now. Watch out for pricks.” I did a post about cacti with the same title. I’m not sure anyone liked my vulgarity. 🙂


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