My camera and I

Aan my Afrikaanssprekende blogvriende – ek gaan my post in Engels doen, aangesien die meeste van my volgers fotograwe van oorsee is. Ek wil byvoeg dat ek vir ‘n paar weke gaan uitsit van blogging, aangesien ek ‘n operasie gaan kry aan my regterskouer. My vingers moet rus, want daar word aan die senuwees gewerk.

Since I started photo blogging, I have met a variety of persons all over the world. I know when it snows in Oregon, I learnt that skwurrel is acceptable in Scotland. I have also met people in Queensland, Australia and an Afrikaans blogger in Nieu-Zeeland.

Taking photos have opened my eyes to the world around me. I’m noticing colours, numbers, artwork and scenes. It has always been there, I just did not see it. Learning from experienced photographers have also developed my hitherto unknown eye for flowers, macros, squares and much more.

So, because I will be out of action for a while due an upcoming shoulder operation, I want to thank Cee, Jeff, Becky, Hammad, Catherine, citysonnet and others for your inspiration.

Cee, this is the view I wake up to every morning from my bed.

flowers are my passion. I learnt to crop , square and do macros

cropped succulent exotic flower

same flower macroed twice

These two grasshoppers were caught cuddling after the act. Watch the hand in the panties (giggle)

I learnt to use in and out of focus to enhance my picture and finally, since I don’t like black and whites, I learnt from Cee’s last post, how to look for a black and white possibility. Hope it meet your standards.

I’ve learnt that partials can also be stunning.

see how the squares in the fencing high light the weather vane.

And I managed to keep watch of the light to catch reflections.

littering is everywhere, even in the beauty of an effluent housing area

and this is my evening sky from my front door.

Till next time, stay well please.

Published by appeltjie

Ek is 'n mamma, 'n juffrou, 'n geliefde. Om woorde te gebruik om kreatief te wees, is 'n nuutjie. Maar wat 'n fees.

16 thoughts on “My camera and I

  1. Much love, my dearest sister. I’ll miss these brilliant pictures. You have had to become left handed before, after you previous opp. Its time to practice being a lefty again. Jy sal in ons gebede boy.

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  2. Sterkte met die operasie. Rus goed uit sodat die senuwees weer mooi aangroei dis belangrik. Ek het die jaar toe ek hier gekom het ook n skouer operasie gehad omdat ek gladnie my arm meer kon lig nie weens die skeur van legamente wat heeltemaal in fyn draadjies verbrokkel het.


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