FOTD 7 December

Cee is hosting this challenge.

Look at this beautiful Iris. Who says purple and yellow does not go well together? And just look at the perfect symmetry from all sides. This beauty needs the cherising cool shade of a big tree to flourish.

Published by appeltjie

Ek is 'n mamma, 'n juffrou, 'n geliefde. Om woorde te gebruik om kreatief te wees, is 'n nuutjie. Maar wat 'n fees.

6 thoughts on “FOTD 7 December

  1. We were blessed this year. For the first time since we have moved into this house 17 years ago, the wild iris flowers did not stop blooming. We had masses of white and purple flowers. It looked like a few brides that stood shoulder to shoulder to show off their beauty.


  2. When I saw your title on FOTD I wondered if it was Dutch – almost, – but since I am Dutch I can figure it out what you are saying:) Hope you have a translation widget on your blog – it is too cute to remain hidden! Jesh


    1. It is Afrikaans. Very close to Dutch. And no, I don’t know about translation widgets. I will have to find out about it. Thank you for the compliment. And welcome to my blog.


    2. It is Afrikaans actually. Very close to Dutch. And I don’t know about translation widgets, will have to find out. But thank you for the compliment. Welcome to my blog.


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