Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Practice

Here is my effort to the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Practice.

I’ve been practising my skills since I was 8 years old. Piano came first, later I added other instruments – guitar, recorders, organ. And once practising becomes a habit, it is easy to transfer it to other parts of life too – like crocheting. And studying.

My grandmother always crocheted something. I always hear the sound of the hook against her ring and loved the rhythmic way in which she did it. So I wanted to learn, too. In standerd 9 (nowadays grade 11) my mother started me off first on knitting yarn and then progressed me to proper crochet yarn. All the stitches had to be even, the work a proper rectangle if required. If washed, it had to be pinned out and starched before it was put away. I started off on small articles like tray doilies, table runners and edges on tea nets. This article was completed a few years later. I confess that I did not take the time to properly pin it out and starch it before taking the photo.

Published by appeltjie

Ek is 'n mamma, 'n juffrou, 'n geliefde. Om woorde te gebruik om kreatief te wees, is 'n nuutjie. Maar wat 'n fees.

5 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Practice

  1. What intricate work. Well done! Grandmas are excellent teachers of this type of craft. I remember showing my Grandma the first one I did. Great interpretation of this week’s photo challenge theme. I am glad you joined in on Friendly Friday. Do you do other crafts as well?


    1. I see myself more as a musician. I have perfect pitch and can compose my own music and accompanies for a known tune and play a new song by ear. On piano and church organ. But other instruments as well. I love needle craft but nowadays that’s restricted to clothes making. I am a very organised, so painting and drawing intimidate me. It won’t do what I envisaged.


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