Friendly Friday Challenge ‘Quiet Places’

I find my quiet times in various ways. Nature is most often my breathing place.

A repetitive action can also calm my mind. Like crocheting beenies for poor children at the children’s home in Grabouw, my home town. The only difference is that I choose different colour yarn and mix the way I crochet with it. This winter I have donated about 60 beenies.

My faith means a lot to me. God has a central place in my life and I make decisions according to my verse for the day. This beautiful Dutch Reformed church is in Macgregor South Africa.

Here my soul went for a spin. Far away from the madding crowd. However, I could never live here for it really is quite remote. This is the gravel road to Macgregor. My love and I went on a road trip, discovering the area around Robertson (South Africa) where we spent our long weekend. We deliberately took the lesser used roads to see more of the country. The mountains are quite majestic. I could not get a better photo of those.

Some of my best quiet times have been spent on the deck of our previous house. Away from the street, protected against the weather, but still outside and facing the glorious mountains.

My all time best – with my hands in God’s soil, working with God’s plants. These succulents have been collected from friends and places I have been, very few have been bought, some silently taken as a little cutting unobtrusively from bigger mother plants, some picked up as fallen leaves in a nursery. As they grow and multiply, I thin them out and give it away, leaving me with a sense of fulfillment.

This is my participation in the Friendly Friday Challenge.

Published by appeltjie

Ek is 'n mamma, 'n juffrou, 'n geliefde. Om woorde te gebruik om kreatief te wees, is 'n nuutjie. Maar wat 'n fees.

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